Activity Status settings feature update

⚠️  CAUTION: editing or deleting activity status can have unintended consequences so the ability to modify or delete should be hidden for any user without proper training

Based on client feedback, we have added a few new settings for Activity Statuses:

1. Counts toward YOS (Years of Service)
Many clients have asked for an easier way of measuring a volunteer’s service. Previously a combination of “Date Registered” and “Last Log Book Entered” could be used to approximate the years of service for a volunteer. But this did not account for times when the volunteer is still in the system, but leaves for a while and then comes back.

Once enabled, as long as that volunteer has any activity status with YOS selected, the value will be calculated. For example, you might want to count a status of “In Training” as part of their cumulative service, but omit “On Vacation” periods because the volunteer is not doing active service at that time.

2. OK to Email
On occasion, there is a volunteer who expresses the wish to never receive email. Or, you may wish to always exclude archived volunteers from email campaigns or automatic emails. Now, these volunteers can be completely excluded from any email correspondence as long as they have an activity status where “OK to Email” is deselected.

3. OK to Sign In
Allow or prevent a volunteer from signing in to Sign-In stations based on Activity Status.

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