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The Three Core Profiles: Vols, Opps, Orgs

Data is stored in three core profiles: Volunteers, Opportunities, and Organizations

Copy ofCore Profiles Vols Opps Orgs

Note: your core profiles may be named differently based on your organization's language. Common custom labels include assignments, events, departments, and programs.

The logic model for the tabs is:  “Who does What for Whom” or “Volunteers connect with opportunities that belong to organizations." These tabs each have their own grids and functions.  

Volunteers (Who) - anyone who participates in a service opportunity

When a volunteer submits an application, the record appears on the volunteer grid. Coordinators can view and track volunteer data on the volunteer profile. Also called Vols.

Opportunities (does What) any activity that engages volunteers

Coordinators create new Opportunities which appear on the website for volunteers to see. Opportunities must be tied to / sponsored by one Organization. Also called Opps.

Organizations (for Whom) the organization, facility, department, and/or program that owns or operates the service opportunities

Organizations have a limited profile and sponsor an unlimited number of Opportunities. Also called Orgs.

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