Logging service hours

There are several ways that service hours can be logged in the system and should be chosen based on your individual needs.

Options for collecting hours

  • Sign-in Station - the volunteer punches in and out at a physical kiosk such as a tablet or laptop, or can access the sign-in station on their smart phone. There is lots of customization including guest sign in.
  • Automatic log book entry - this can only be used with shifts. The system automatically adds hours based on the volunteer's shift start and end time. Hours are pulled at about midnight so the hours don't appear until the following day. If the vol did not show up, came late, or left early, the coordinator must manually edit the hours in the volunteer's log book.
  • Opportunity Survey - the volunteer can only access the survey by logging in to their volunteer dashboard.
  • Add Hours - your volunteer coordinator can use the Add Hours button to log hours in bulk on behalf of volunteers. Volunteers can also be placed and then given hours all in one feature. This is the most time consuming, but the Coordinator has total control over accuracy. 

Note: all hours are stored in the Log Book.