Log Book Filters

Customize your log book results by filtering for date ranges, log book types and other settings.

The Log Book System has several options that work in addition to normal Grid Settings. They are located within the Log Book Header: 

Date Ranges

Specific Date Range
lets you search for shifts that fall within an exact start and end date:

Relative Date Range lets you pick a period of time (this year, last month, yesterday, etc.)

Note: the relate date range choices are based on the day you are choosing them. For example, "today" means today.

What exactly do relative ranges show?

For the examples below we will assume the current date is 10/13/20.

Relative Date Range

Entries shown from:

This week:

Sunday - Saturday of the current week (Oct 11-17th)

Last week:

The previous Sunday - Saturday (Oct 4-10th)

This month:

The month of October 

Last month:

The month of September 

This quarter:

The months October through December

Last quarter:

The months July through September 

This year:

The year 2020

Last year:

The year 2019


Note: quarters are broken down as follows:

Q1: Jan-March, Q2: April-June, Q3: July-Sept, Q4: Oct-Dec

Today plus, Today minus, Today through plus, and Today through minus

When you select one of these 4 periods, an additional field will display for you to enter a numerical value:

For the examples below we will assume we have entered the number 4.

Today minus:

will show entries from exactly 4 days ago (Oct 9th)

Today plus:

will show entries in exactly 4 days (Oct 17th)

Today through minus:

will show any entries that land from Oct 9th - today

Today through plus:

will show any entries that land from today - Oct 17th

Details mode and Summary mode

These options will depend on whether you are in the volunteer log book or opportunity log book.

In the Volunteer log book:

Details mode will show all entries for each volunteer within the parameters you have set in your log book header and grid settings.

For example: Matthew has 3 entries here and Mary has 7 

Summary mode
defaults to by volunteer name, it will group entries by volunteer meaning there will be only one entry per volunteer.

Aggregate totals will display where applicable, e.g. Hours and number of Surveys. 

Columns that cannot display aggregate information due to a 1 to many relationship will show N/A, e.g. Start Date. 

Note: You can change the summary mode to summarize by different fields:

From the Opportunity log book:

Summary Mode defaults to summarize by Opportunity Title but there are other options here as well.

Applies To

The “Applies to” box specifies what information the date range looks at.

For example, if your relative date range is “This Week” and you select “Start Date” in the “Applies to” box, you will get results for entries with start dates this week. If you choose “Date Entered” though, you will get results for entries that have been added this week regardless of when their start date was. 


Entry Types

Types of entries may vary depending on what features your account utilizes. Examples of types of entries are: ordinary (aka opportunity entries), non-opportunity, profile snapshots, waivers, and trainings. Selecting “all log book entries” will show everything regardless of the type. 

Note: there is no Entry Type dropdown box in the Opportunity Log Book because all entries are ordinary log book entries.