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eRecruiter & eCoordinator

Samaritan has two core products that integrate with each other: eRecruiter and eCoordinator


eRecruiter, also called eR, is a public portal for volunteers or potential volunteers. eR is available to the public, but interacts with eCoordinator. eR integrates with third-party applications such as background check providers, e-signature software, and occupational health departments.

Key functions of eRecruiter:

  • Learn how to get involved
  • Browse and search for service opportunities
  • Register or apply to volunteer
  • Access volunteer dashboard
  • View schedule shifts
  • Report service hours

Want to try it for yourself? Check out our live Demo eRecruiter sites by clicking on an image below.

Healthcare Demo   General Demo
Healthcare Demo   General Demo Recruiter


eCoordinator, also called eC, is a secure web-based application for volunteer coordinators. eC is not accessible to volunteers but interacts fully with eRecruiter.

Key functions of eCoordinator:

  • View new volunteer records
  • Track volunteer applications and hours
  • Communicate with volunteers by email and text messaging
  • Publish service opportunities
  • Manage volunteer schedules
  • Track and report analytics

eCoordinator Calendar