Set up a shift reminder

Create a calendar shift reminder automation to notify volunteers of upcoming shifts.

Build a Calendar Grid

Note: this step is not necessary, you can create the grid from inside of the automation for security purposes. Creating the grid before hand allows you to visualize your results. 

  • From the eCoordinator go to Calendar
  • In the upper right corner click Grid

For this example we will be sending a reminder for shifts scheduled in two days

  • In the grid header box make sure to:
    • Select Relative Date
    • The time period is: Today Plus (enter the number of days before the shift you want to send the reminder) 
    • Applies to: Shifts with days in range
    • Details Mode By: Placed Volunteer

  • In Grid Settings make sure you have the following columns (you can add more):
    • Opp:Title
    • Vol: Last Name
    • Vol: First Name
    • Sch: Start Date 
  • In the Sch: Start Date column choose today plus the same number entered above. 

In Grid Settings, review that your settings were saved and checked on, give it a name, and Save and Close. 

Set Grid Permissions and Sharing: It is recommended that you do not give other roles access to grids used for automations since changes could inadvertently affect the automation results.

Create the automation

  • In the eCoordinator go to Tools, Administrative Options, Automations tab
  • Click New



  • Give your automation a name and select Schedule Shift


Select your permissions preferences (if on 8305)


  • Select Schedule then click New. You will want to run this automation daily.
  • Give it a name, select daily, enter a start date, and end date (optional), and choose every day

    Two day shift reminder
  • Check the Time Options box and specify when you want it to run. This will be when the reminder email will be sent out. 
  • Click OK
    Trigger 2 day shift

Apply To

  • Choose your Saved Grid
  • Select your grid from the drop-down if created before hand 
  • If a grid was not previously created, click New to build one
    Apply to 2 day shift


  • Select Send Email
  • Click New
  • Create your email reminder template
  • Choose To: All Placed Volunteers
  • Name the template and click Save 
  • Click Finish
  • Exit out of Administrative options

Action 2 day shift