How to write a good support ticket

Help us help you by writing a thorough and accurate support ticket.

Articulate and Communicate

A brief description or subject line is the most important part of any support message that you write. It’s the first thing the Support staff will see, and it gives the entire request context.

  • Create a title that accurately summarizes the issue. This helps us track and communicate about tickets. Bad subject lines give no context, are hastily written, and waste valuable space with redundant wording and punctuation.
    • Examples: URGENT!!!  or Need help now!! Site is BROKEN!!
  • Good subject lines can still convey urgency, while explaining why an issue is so important right off the bat.
    • Examples: URGENT: 500 Error on product detail page or When I click the link below I get a 404/Page Not Found Error.
  • The full description or message body is next. Details, details, details…give as much information as possible! 
    • Use a list or bullet points for easy communication.
    • Include highlights of your request in a list near the beginning of your description.
    • Include the steps that you have taken to troubleshoot. 

Focus on the Details

Here are some questions we need answered to resolve your issue quickly and get you back in business:

  • Where did the error occur? 
    Provide the URL and the browser you were on when you experienced this issue, whether it was in the eCoordinator or eRecruiter, on a mobile device or desktop. 

  • Who experienced the problem? 
    Volunteer, coordinator, administrator, etc. Include their name, email, and/or User ID. 

  • What was the user doing?
    Step-by-step instructions are the most helpful. The more detailed the better.

  • What did you expect to happen?

  • What happened instead?

Additional questions that can help us expedite the process:

  • Did you attempt to fix the problem?
    If you attempted to trouble-shoot, provide the steps you took and their results.
  • What did it look like on your screen?
    Provide documentation, details and screenshots when possible. If you want to be truly
    amazing, take a video screencast of the process causing the error.
  • Can the issue be replicated on multiple computers, and/or multiple devices?
    Is your problem happening in one browser, or all of them?
  • Do you see any specific error messages?

    Be nice - it’ll get you far!

    We have the best intent to support you. Showing gratitude is a lot more powerful than you think. Remember, Tech Support Representatives are people too, and more than likely you’ll end up working with the same individual again in the future - so keep it friendly if you want them on your side. 

    Need help? Submit a support request and we’ll find you a solution.