Time Zone Feature

The Time Zone Feature was developed for Version 8305.

This feature is only for clients who have opportunities and/or volunteers that span different time zones.

Please note: The Time Zone Feature must be turned on in AMS and “use browser’s” time zone must be enabled on the individual user or user’s role. Please contact support if you need this enabled. 

Client Steps

  • Create an Opportunity Shift: Fill out the start date, time, and end time. Select the Time Zone from the drop down list. It will tell you below what the current time in that zone is. 

In the example below, the shift is being created in Eastern Time, but the creator is in Mountain Time:

Shift Time Zone_1

  • View the shift from the eR. It will display in the Time Zone the viewer’s browser is in and adjust the start and end time accordingly. 

The time is displaying two hours earlier than the shift was created for because the viewer is two hours ahead:

eR Shift Time Zone

Note: when Daylight Savings Occurs, the shifts will adjust accordingly. Areas that do not observe DST such as Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Arizona will not be affected.