Support ticket process

Understand how your support request is processed, prioritized, and when you can expect an answer.

Response Times by Priority Level
Ticket response times can vary depending on the platform you’re making your request on, the urgency of your request vs. others in the queue, and the workload of the developer needed for the task. Be patient, and know that you have done your due diligence in getting the issue resolved by following the steps to writing a good support ticket.

  • Urgent, Level One:

    Type: Bugs or critical issues that mean system is down

    Timeline: Fix ASAP, Samaritan staff stops what they are working on to focus on the issue. Updates provided hourly.

    Note: If more information is needed from you, the clock goes on hold until we receive a response.

  • Medium, Level Two:

    Type: Other issues that are not impacting the core system functionality

    Timeline: Samaritan staff will fix as soon as possible. Initial response within 24 business hours.

    Note: Response may be that we have received your request and that we will get back to you.

  • Level Three:

    Type: Change requests

    Timeline: Change requests require a time/cost estimate (unless it is a simple task that can be taken care of quickly). Estimate will be provided once the developer is available.

    Note:  Training and Account management requests will be passed on to the appropriate department. .