Send a text (MMS) message

Text messages can be sent to volunteers through the eCoordinator system.

Volunteers must do the following to receive text messages:

  • Opt in to receive text messages
  • Provide carrier information

The volunteer must have one of the following carriers: AT&T, Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Cricket, Google Fi, Metro PCS, Republic Wireless, Spectrum Mobile, Sprint, Straight Talk, STRATA, T-Mobile, Tracfone, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, or Xfinity 

  • Provide a valid, 10-digit mobile phone number

These fields are in the volunteer application in eRecruiter:

Demo Text messaging questions eR

To see who has opted in to receive text messages, see How to Know if a Volunteer has Opted In to Text Messaging

Send a text (MMS) message

To send a text message, steps taken by the eC user will be the same as if the task is to send an email:

If applicable, select text message recipient(s) from the grid

  • From the Volunteers tab, click the Email button

  • Click the Text tab
  • Fill out applicable fields: select recipient(s) from the To field; enter a Subject fill out the body of the text in the Message field:
Text Message Window
  • Click Send

The following functionality is available:

  • Mail Merge fields
  • Ability to save a template (required if using an Automation to send a text message)
  • Load previously saved templates

    ⚠️ Only recipients who have opted in to receive text messages will receive the message. See the Getting Started section.

    Volunteers will receive the text message from "". The message text will appear as it was entered in the "Message:" field, but at the bottom will include a footer that reads "To opt out of receiving text messages, click <link>".

    If the volunteer clicks the link, the default browser on their device will open displaying a confirmation page:

    Clicking the "Confirm" button will:

    • Display a confirmation screen stating "Thank you, you have successfully opted out of receiving text message. You may now close this window."
    • Sends a final text message to the volunteer stating "Opt Out Confirmation"
    • Sets the "I would like to receive..." field value to "I do not want to receive text messages".
    • Creates an entry on the Volunteer Profile History tab noting the date/time of opt out, and that it was initiated by the volunteer.

    For the volunteer to opt back in, he/she will need to open their volunteer profile and update the value of the "I would like to receive..." field to an appropriate value, as defined in the table above.