Station Methods

Before you build a Sign-In Station, you must first choose the sign in method.

There are 4 methods for signing in:


1. Username/Password
Most secure method asking for the volunteer’s username and password. How to build a Username/password Sign-In Station

Station Login Username-password

2. Email
Volunteer enters email only. *There can only be one record with the email address. How to build an Email Sign-In Station

Station Login email

3. Open Roster
Volunteers sign in and out based on their shift start time and shift end time. How to build an Open Roster Sign-In Station.

Note: This method is only available for opportunities that have shifts.

Station Login Open Roster

4. Custom Sign-In Options
Allows the volunteer to sign in with a unique identifier from their profile such as a Volunteer ID, Driver’s License, etc. How to build a Sign-In Station using Custom Sign-In Options

Station Login custom

Note: It is possible to enable guest sign in for each method.